Digital Marketers Don’t Exist.

This is a controversial subject, but I feel obligated to shed some light on this for the sake of removing doubts around the role of marketing.

First of all – there is no such thing as a “digital marketer.” There is no marketing job that is specific to digital. It doesn’t exist and nor should it.

I’m not sure how there became a vocabulary or context dedicated to this discussion either.

There are not multiple marketing jobs. There is one job. Marketing.

It really gets on my nerves when I see small businesses advertising for a “digital Marketer.” This comes about as a misunderstanding of what “Marketing” actually is.

I will put this as simply as I can.

Marketing is a process. Not a job title. And certainly not a channel.

Marketing, at its essence, is simply a process of identifying a market opportunity, identifying a target market customer within that market – and delivering value to that customer through relevant and timely channels with a goal of creating a return on investment.

Digital is not some fancy new way of marketing. It is just a channel. The same way that print media is a channel or television is a channel. There is no such thing as a specialist digital marketer.

We must get clear on the difference between marketing and channels.

Please, do not spend money on channels, without understanding your market opportunity and your target market customer.

Please, do not get fooled into fads and trickery designed to get you on some new band wagon.

Doing good business has and always will be about connecting your business and your products or services with your best target market customers.

When you are meeting with marketing partners and providers, you need to ensure you are talking to a qualified professional who is going to take the time to understand your business, your market, your customers and do the foundational work to ensure you are spending money on the right channels.

Here are 3 signs you might be talking to a pretender:

  1. If the first thing discussed is ad spend
  2. If you are spending more time talking about fancy headlines than your customer
  3. If they are focusing on a channel instead of understanding

Marketers that don’t know what they are doing will jump to trying to sell solutions or discuss promotions, ad spend and channels, before they have put in the work to understand your business.

The best marketers I know won’t even engage with you in a discussion about potential solutions if you haven’t got clear on who your target market customer is and what the opportunity is in the market place. They won’t discuss channels or budget, because they don’t yet understand why you would spend any money or what the outcome is that you seek.

Don’t cheekily say “sales” either.

We all want sales. But at what cost? Are you throwing money at channels you don’t understand because of FOMO?

Have you been sold a jig because of a well put together slide deck on technology you don’t understand?

Have you profiled your best 5 customers and looked for what common traits or themes they share?

If you do one thing, please, slow down and take the time to go through the process. Don’t jump to spending money on channels. If you don’t know “the process” talk to a marketer that does.


– Logan Wedgwood

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