What are your marketing resolutions for 2018?

Welcome to the end of a year that most have described eloquently as “challenging.”

2017 has been an interesting year with a change in government, a slowing economy and a general feeling of uncertainty amongst consumers and businesspeople.

The bad news is that 2018 is set to be just as turbulent. However, the good news is, I have already written your new year’s resolutions for you if you want to win in the new year!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the beach, sun and too much food, because you can start the year knowing you have your marketing under control.


By establishing the Marketing activities you are going to start, stop and keep doing…


Start talking about why you do what you do. So often we’re focused on singing the song that surrounds what we do, as opposed to sharing enough externally about why we do it. Continue doing this at your peril…

Customers in 2018 are going to be even more focused on choosing to do business with people and they’re going to be looking to connect meaning within these interactions. As robots continue to fill the voids of menial tasks and value-less customer interactions, people are going to be even more desperate to speak with a real human – a human that has taken the time to understand them and their business. They want a relationship, but it needs to be meaningful. So make sure all of your communications are targeted, well written and focus on connecting with why your business or brand exists.


Please stop throwing money at marketing campaigns that you aren’t measuring. If you can’t measure its impact, you simply can’t justify spending money on it.

As Rear Admiral Grace Hopper said: “one accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.” I couldn’t agree more. So where do you start?

Three key things to measure:

  1. Number of new leads generated (as a result of that channel or activity)
  2. Length of time to conversion (from first contact to closing a sale)
  3. Conversion rate (aka: hit rate, strike rate, close rate)

Marketing performance management is the systematic management of marketing processes to gain a return on investment while maintaining quality in customer experience. If the three key measurements above are making for eye watering reading, you may need to check your customer experience and make some adjustments.


Keep investing in your marketing. You can’t shrink your way to greatness.

If the results aren’t coming, it might be something really simple that you’re getting wrong. Seek out experts, ask for advice and speak with other business owners about what is working for them. There is no such thing as a silver bullet with marketing. It takes testing, measuring and refining your activity to land on campaigns that work. But it’s worth the effort to keep trying and keep innovating.

Your success in 2018 depends on it.


Running low on inspiration?

Here’s three simple questions you can ask yourself and your team to stimulate some ideas:

  1. What could we do to surprise and delight our existing customers?
  2. What can we give a new prospect that will inspire them?
  3. If we were to throw away our business and start again with a single goal of disrupting the market – what would we do?
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